The world is changing.
You should too.

The global insurance industry is evolving, SURETY.AI helps insurers to innovate and embrace digitisation to enter new markets rapidly and serve customers better.

Leverage the right technology
for your Innovation


Product Management

Product Management Module has the flexibility to support not just the traditional insurance products, it is capable to launch new innovative bite-size and micro insurance products.

Accelerate speed to market and launch new insurance products quickly with our low code drag and drop user interface.


Policy Purchase

Our customised APIs can be easily integrated into your existing systems that handle policy purchase flow.

Transform your legacy business, integrate with Surety.AI’s chatbot into your existing policy purchase module to facilitate the policy purchase process via an interactive dialogue-based customer experience.


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing uses dynamically changing environmental/weather factors, competitor pricing and user behaviour to modify rates on the fly.

Cater to your customer needs by providing policy that is more closely to actual risks.


Claim Management

Claim processing is labor-intensive job in the insurance sector. Streamline operations with our Claim Management module that allows you to automate your claim checking through straight-through-processing by using our intuitive business rules engine.


Distribution Channel

Grow digitally by integrating SURETY.AI distribution channel module to insurer existing channels, devices, broker’s system and any partnership websites.


Customer Management

Turn customer information into insurer’s competitive weapon with our Customer and Marketing Analytics module. Our dashboards provide real-time analytics and drives insights for insurer to optimise the customer experience and to focus on customer acquisition and retention.


Fraud Detection

Automate claims with confidence with our Fraud Detection Module. Our approach combines clustering and graph-based models with both internal and external data to help detect anomalous claims and reduce fraudulent pay-outs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Empower your business by emerging automation and cognitive AI solutions and OCR models to unlock new possibilities and improve operations.

Our chatbot uses AI to enable a seamless automated buying experience, by getting customers’ geographic and social data for personalised intuitive interactions.